PureCircle Everything Stevia

Motive: Position PureCircle as a thought leader in the industry

Impact: Significant market adoption of Stevia as a preferred sweetening solution


PureCircle, the world’ largest stevia producer and a prominent player in the natural sweeteners sector, approached us to generate widespread awareness about Stevia as a sustainable and viable alternative for Indians. Our objective was to spread awareness around healthy lifestyles with Stevia natural sweetener. In a scenario where Indian media especially health media was heavily covering the negative impact of sugar and other artificial sweeteners with India being tagged as the world’s diabetes capital, the task in hand was to educate media and influencer community on the positive impact of natural sweeteners such as Stevia.


To achieve our goals, we devised a comprehensive PR strategy that focused on creating a buzz around Stevia and its applications. Creating Brand Culturists to spark conversations, an aggressive media and influencer outreach helped the brand in setting a new healthy lifestyle trend of stevia sweeteners. Our approach included strategic media engagement, innovative content creation, and influencer collaborations. We emphasized the utility, benefits, and global acceptance of Stevia, showcasing it as a superior sweetening solution. Additionally, we highlighted PureCircle’s initiatives and industry collaborations to position them as thought leaders.

Impact Generated:

Our PR campaign achieved remarkable results, establishing Stevia as a leading sweetening solution in the industry. Through strategic media engagement, we secured coverage in renowned publications such as food industry magazines, health blogs, and lifestyle publications. This widespread media coverage generated substantial awareness about Stevia’s benefits and applications. Today, Stevia is an integral ingredient in numerous products, cementing its place as a go-to sweetening solution. The campaign not only resonated with consumers but also garnered the attention of industry professionals, leading to increased partnerships and collaborations for PureCircle.

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