Building Buzz with Public and Influencer Relations

With the evolution of a new PR landscape in the post-pandemic era, storytelling has taken centre stage. We believe that every brand has a great story to tell, and our Public and Influencer Relations service is designed to help you amplify that voice to reach a wider audience. We work as your brand custodian to identify the most relevant media outlets and influencers in your category, ensuring that your message is heard by the right people.

With an in-depth understanding of media and audience environments, our experienced brand impressionists drive impactful strategies ensuring customised content placement and wider engagement with 10,000+ media outlets and 5000+ influencers.

But it’s not just about getting media coverage and influencer endorsements – it’s also about building/altering perceptions and setting new brand cultures. Here comes the role of an impactful storytelling along with a robust PR ecosystem.

Process Flow

Identifying relevant storytellers


 We start by conducting a thorough analysis of your brand’s industry and identifying the most relevant media outlets and influencers.

Crafting and pitching compelling stories


We work closely with you to craft compelling stories and pitches that will resonate with your target media and audiences.

Tailoring brand message


We tailor our communication basis to every media platform or influencer to deliver the right message at the right time.

Building and maintaining relationships


Our team of experienced media managers share a great bonding with India’s best media houses and have developed trust and credibility over time.

Developing and implementing social media strategies


Social media is an important part of any PR strategy, and our team is real-time aligned with the dynamic landscape. We Emovate (merging consumer emotions with innovation) to devise and implement the best social media strategy that complements your brand efforts.

Monitoring and Measuring PR efforts


We have developed a robust mechanism for monitoring consumer sentiments along with media and influencer relations. We also provide an effective measurement matrix to evaluate your investment and ROI on PR.

Providing crisis management support


An impeccable crisis management and support system to protect your brand’s reputation and minimise any negative impact on your business.

Value Proposition

We believe that effective Public and Influencer Relations can be a game-changer for any brand. Here are some of the benefits of Public and Influencer Relations:

  • Increased brand awareness and credibility
  • Impactful storytelling
  • Setting new cultures
  • Shaping consumer trends
  • Sparking conversations that drive sales
  • Expanded reach to potential audiences
  • Reputation building and Thought leadership